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Summer Science Camp

Summer Science Camp

Berea City Club/Frank Spurlock Summer Science Camp


Join us for a time of fun and learning! The camp provides a one-week of science education coupled with hands-on-projects tailored to students in grades one through five and a compelling interesting field trip. The teachers are all certified-science teachers and have had much experience in building a quality science program over the last nine years.

If your child is between grades 1-5, join us this summer!

The Berea City Club has sponsored the Summer Science Camp for nine consecutive years. The foundation expresses its thanks to the Club for its commitment and dedication to children in grades one through five and to the community, especially to the north end of Berea.

Camp Schedule

Camp starts with a 9:00AM sign-in time each day. We plan to serve lunch at 11:30AM each day. You are more than welcome to pack a lunch for your child if you choose to do so. Camp concludes each day at 4:00PM, it is required that you sign your child/children out each day unless he/she has permission to walk home. Please be sure to come inside with your child/children to sign them in and out each day.

Cost of Camp

The cost for the program is reasonable and very inexpensive since the Berea City Club has financially sponsored the camp for the past 9 years. The cost for the 2017 camp is as follows:
Berea residents $25 per student or $50 per family
Outside of the Berea area: $35 per student or $75 per family.

Parental evaluations of past camps are available upon request.

How to Register for Camp?

Pre-Registration is required! Registration for this program exceeds our capacity on an annual basis. It’s important that you register with the North End Foundation as soon as you are fairly sure you want to attend the one-week camp.

Register online with our Science Camp Registration form.

We look forward to another year of excitement for our youth as they discover just how much fun there is in learning about science. Thank you for your strong support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 440-243-2988.


35 Campers Rated the Camp as EXELLENT.

5 Campers Rated the Camp as GOOD.

13 Parents of the Campers Rated the Camp as EXELLENT.


“We are so grateful for this camp! Thank you to the Berea City Club for ensuring the camp is affordable for young families who might not  otherwise be able to send one or more of their children to a program of equal quality.” ~ Parent

“My daughter really enjoyed her week of camp!” ~ Parent

“Keep the high school students as volunteers! The kids love them.” ~ Parent

“This was a wonderful program. Wish we could have been part of it years ago! My boys love it!! They said everyone was so nice!!” ~ Parent

“I Really love Science camp.” ~ Camper grade 3

“It was so fun.” ~ Camper grade 3

” I liked every science things.” ~ Camper grade 3

“Keep up the good work.” ~ Camper grade 3

when asked what they liked least they said : ” Nothing I loved everything.” ~ Camper grade 4

” The teachers and staff were nice.” ~ camper grade 2

“The counselors are very nice. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of the program.” ~ Camper grade 3