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Berea Youth Works

Berea Youth Works

Is Berea Youth Works for Me?

The answer is yes, if you are interested in working in your community, teamwork, and building your employment resume. The program is for youth starting at the age of sixteen. Berea Youth Works is scheduled to start April 17, and ends August 18, 2017.

Youth Worker Expectations

Youth workers are expected to be on time every day and learn the consequences of not being on time. Students that don’t report on time after being counseled and informed are sent to the back of the line. Youth are provided flexible work time. On most other summer jobs students are required to work 8:00 to 4:30 daily. Most of our work is scheduled based on job requests from local homeowners and non-profit organizations work needs throughout the summer months. What this means is that some days students work part of the day and can return home. It also provides much flexibility for students to do other important things in their lives with advance notice to Berea Youth Works supervisors.  We have learned from them that this is very important to them during the summer months.

Youth Wages 

Our students earn $8.20 per hour and our lead students earn $9.00- and 10.00 per hour. Supervisors are coaching and training students throughout the spring and summer and as soon as students demonstrate they have learned the required job skills and meet expected behaviors and conduct they are promoted to lead positions.  The program is designed to motivate students to attain at their highest levels and to develop a resource of highly motivated students to provide services to interested employers.

What do you need to register?

Please have the following documents ready before starting the registration process. When these documents are at hand, continue to the Student Interest Form below.

  • Must have Social Security Card
  • Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Or Current Passport

Youth Worker Applications

Please fill out our Student Interest Form to start the process! We look forward to partnering with you this coming summer.


For all other questions, contact Northend Foundation at 440-243-2988 or 440-668-9518.