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Frank Spurlock Summer Science Camp Donations


THE CAMP IS NOW OVER. Thank you for the wonderful turn out this year!!

Supporters of the foundation are encouraged to make donations that assist the foundation in its mission. Donations are used to pay Berea City School certified-science teachers to teach the Frank Spurlock Summer Science Camp Program, pay for the annual field trip for the students, the lunch provided for the week-long camp, t-shirts for each camper, the overhead and administrative expenses and some miscellaneous expenses.

In addition, supporters’ donations could be a great help in publishing a newsletter to the community about the foundation’s programs and their accomplishments.

Finally, there is an on-going expense of an administrative assistant for the year-round management of the foundation office and for a summer student who assists in the foundation office. Additionally, there is an ongoing expense for maintaining the foundation’s newly created webpage.

If you would like to make an online donation to the North End Foundation you can do so through paypal by clicking on the button below and using your paypal account, credit card or debit card. All payments made through paypal are 100% secure.


35 Campers Rated the Camp as EXELLENT.

5 Campers Rated the Camp as GOOD.

13 Parents of the Campers Rated the Camp as EXELLENT.


“We are so grateful for this camp! Thank you to the Berea City Club for ensuring the camp is affordable for young families who might not  otherwise be able to send one or more of their children to a program of equal quality.” ~ Parent

“My daughter really enjoyed her week of camp!” ~ Parent

“Keep the highschool students as volunteers! The kids love them.” ~ Parent

“This was a wonderful program. Wish we could have been part of it years ago! My boys love it!! They said everyone was so nice!!” ~ Parent

“I Really love Science camp.” ~ Camper grade 3

“It was so fun.” ~ Camper grade 3

” I liked every science things.” ~ Camper grade 3

“Keep up the good work.” ~ Camper grade 3

when asked what they liked least they said : ” Nothing I loved everything.” ~ Camper grade 4

” The teachers and staff were nice.” ~ camper grade 2

“The counselors are very nice. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of the program.” ~ Camper grade 3