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Volunteers Needed

Our greatest need is for adult supervisors to oversee the work of Berea Youth Workers during the summer. Supervisors review all summer work requests from merchants and homeowners. They go to the job sites and examine what work is being requested of students, determine tools or equipment that may be required, assess any potential work hazards to be concerned about for students’ safety, and estimate the work hours for the work.

The Role of Volunteer

They accompany the students to the job sites and remain with them as they do the required work; also, they teach students techniques for completing the work in most safe and efficient ways. They manage any issues that surface while students are on the job, and they make adjustments in the number of student workers depending on the work that is to be done.

They meet with the merchant or homeowner after students are done to make sure the work is fully satisfactory. Lastly, they teach students how to clean up and put all tools, equipment, and anything else is put away.

Finally, they get student timesheets signed by the students and the employer, and they request the merchant or homeowner to complete a survey form to document and record any matters that deserve follow up and improvement in the overall program.

Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer supervisor’s hours are extremely flexible. The foundation’s staff works cooperatively with supervisors to assure them the satisfaction they desire from volunteering to assist our youth and the community.

Getting Started

There are other opportunities for volunteering with the foundation. Please contact the foundation using our contact form or call us at: 440-243-2988.